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SteeperUSA is the US office of Steeper, providing technical and customer services to our customers in the United States.

Steeper manufacture a comprehensive range of upper limb prosthetic components in addition to custom and production silicone cosmeses. bebionic is the latest addition to our upper limb product portfolio which includes state of the art myo-electric prosthetic hands and control systems, robust body powered components and lightweight cosmetic systems.

NEW - bebionic small

The new bebionic small has arrived!

With 30% overall size reduction, the latest addition to bebionic is small but perfectly formed.

The new pearlescent design is sleek, modern and gives users precise control with cutting-edge features and technology. The bebionic small hand builds upon the robust design of the bebionic3 without compromising on performance or functionality.

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bebionic3 hand

The new bebionic hand is available now. With a choice of 14 reliable grips and hand positions bebionic3 allows you to just get on with your life. It is the most advanced multi-articulating prosthetic hand available.

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