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03, November 2016

Angel Giuffria’s Story

At 14:44 on Friday 18th February was the day that Angel realized that bebionic means more to her than just giving her a newfound confidence. ‘It’s not just one big thing, it’s all the little things that a lot of people with two hands take for granted. A lot of times people ask me “so what can you do with it?” And the idea isn’t that I’m supposed to be able to crush metal or push something superhuman heavy. The point is I’m supposed to be able to do the things that everybody else can already do. I feel like bebionic has really helped me to be able to do things that I didn’t know were supposed to be easier.’

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26, October 2016

What’s it like to live with bebionic?

Motherboard goes behind the scenes at Steeper to discuss technology and talk to the engineers behind the bebionic hand. Finding out what the advancements in prosthetics mean to users like Nicky and Nigel who are living with bebionic.

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05, October 2016

Prestigious awards won by Steeper employees at TIPS & ISPO 2016

Last week, Steeper exhibited as the Gold Sponsor at the TIPS and ISPO 2016 Conference at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel in Clydebank, Glasgow. Traditionally held triennially, the Trent International Prosthetic Symposium joined the annual ISPO UK MS conference to cover the full breadth of upper and lower limb prosthetics, attracting prosthetics and rehabilitation professionals from around the world.

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