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bebionic prepares for the Cybathlon

With the Cybathlon just around the corner away we catch up with both bebionic users, Kevin and Danny competing at the event.

The Cybathlon is being described as the first ‘Cyborg Olympics’ and is hoping to raise awareness of prosthetic devices and assistive aids through celebrating the new and existing technology available. Team Imperial have taken on the challenge of competing in the powered arm prosthesis race by recruiting veteran bebionic user Kevin Evison. As Kevin has used bebionic daily for the last two years they believe that this will give him the edge on the day. Team Imperial have not altered Kevin’s hand or socket in anyway, instead wanting to raise awareness of the prosthetic technology available today.

In contrast team M.A.S.S Impact have developed new arm socket technology that they say “can further enhance the user’s ease of control of the device, by allowing a more natural control of different grip patterns.” This has been done by implementing forcemyography (FMG) based sensors in place of the conventional electromyography (EMG) electrodes in the arm socket. The input signals are analysed with pattern recognition software and resulting classification outputs are encoded to resemble EMG signals which are provided to the bebionic hand. Whilst the current prototype is proving successful further research and reliability testing would be needed to making the socket commercially viable.

We are looking forward to watching the two teams compete and are wishing them all the success at the games. For further details on the technology used by M.A.S.S Impact or Team Imperial please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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