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bebionic user, Sam features on the front cover of The O&P Edge

After an accident in 2015 left him with an extremely rare amputation, Sam Rosecrans has been making headlines across the globe with his new state of the art bionic arm. This month, Sam features on the front cover of The O&P Edge Magazine. With January’s edition being focused on upper limb, we could not think of a more suitable cover star.

In July 2015, Sam was at work, he has always worked with his hands and has always been very outdoorsy by nature; whether it be hunting and fishing in his free time or working at the sawmill during the day. However, one day, he was clearing woodchips from the conveyor belt when he caught the back of his glove. The force of the machine ripped his entire arm and shoulder blade off.

Above the shoulder amputations are extremely rare, it is predicted that less than half of one percent of all upper limb amputations are above the shoulder. However, with the help of his prosthetists at Advanced Arm Dynamics, they have created a myoelectric system compromising, a Liberating Technologies passive locking shoulder joint, a Motion Control Utah 3+ Arm with wrist rotation, a Steeper bebionic hand and a Motion Control Electric Terminal Device. All of these devices are integrated seamlessly to ensure that Sam is able to get back to doing the things that he enjoyed before his accident.

For the full story on Sam in The O&P Edge, please click here.

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