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New S-Charge System Launches to the USA Market

As we approach our 100th year of enhancing people’s lives, we are pleased to have launched a new product to the upper limb prosthetics products market; the S-Charge System.

Designed to revolutionise the way of charging myoelectric prosthetic hands, the S-Charge System combines low profile, flexible batteries with a visual display and a magnetic charging point. The technology has been developed to eliminate the requirements of the long-standing switch system, which can be easily caught and accidentally activated by the user as well as being an additional weight on the forearm.

Bridget Salinas, National Sales Manager at Steeper USA said: “We are excited to bring the S-Charge System to the USA upper limb prosthetics product market. As the first of its kind, the system brings a new way of working for clinicians, whilst providing users with an increased element of awareness and control over their prosthesis. Previously, gauging the amount of charge left to power the terminal device was via a somewhat vague method for the user – but now, users can simply check with the press of a button, and be confident that they won’t be caught short on power”.

With a full system weighing only 150g, the S-Charge System is a welcome change to previous battery systems. A prosthetist who trialled the unit, said: “For many years, the battery systems we have used for upper limb myoelectric hands have often been heavy and quite bulky – and fitting the full system into the forearm can prove to be quite a challenge. In comparison, the S-Charge is a very lightweight system with the flexible, low profile S-Cell batteries neatly contained within the forearm easily.”

Richard Pollard, experienced prosthesis user reports, “Charging my myoelectric hand couldn’t be easier! The new S-Charge System not only looks great, but provides me with reliable and precise updates, helping me to stay in control.”

The S-Charge System is now available to purchase throughout the USA, directly through Steeper USA and through our dedicated upper limb distribution network.

For further information on the S-Charge System, click here.

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