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Electrodes and Cables

Electrodes and Electrode Cables

Electrode cables to allow connection between SEA200 Electrode and either Quick disconnect wrist connection or Connector block cable. 3-pin termination to cable.

Available in 3 lengths

ECA=300 – 300mm
ECA=600 – 600mm
ECA=1000 – 1000mm

The RSLSteeper SEA200 Select Electrode is designed to provide smooth and reliable control inputs to a Myo Electric prosthesis even in electrically noisy enviroments. It has a similar floorplan to other manufacturers electrodes and can therfore be fitted into existing sockets or as a new supply. Solid titanium contacts minimise the possibility of skin reactions whilst enhancing signal capture. An integrated 50 and 60 Hertz filter allows world travel without the possibility of interference from power sources. Connection is made through a displacement plug using industry standard cable. This unit is supplied with lamination and thermoforming blanks, displacement plug and gain adjustment key.

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