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SteeperUSA offers a comprehensive range of electric products, from prosthetic hands and wrists through to myoelectric shoulder units and powered elbows to accomodate all levels of amputation.

These products are supported by control systems and power supplies, which provide the user with the optimum method of operation. All system components are fitted with shape-coded plugs and sockets. These features eliminate the need for specialist wiring skills in the clinical facility.


State-of-the-art electronics offer outstanding capture and amplification from signals as low as 10μV. Proportional output and built-in gain adjustment permits fine control of the terminal device.

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S-Charge System

Designed to revolutionise the way of charging myoelectric prosthetic hands, the S-Charge System combines low profile, flexible S-Cell batteries with a visual display and a magnetic charging point. The technology has been developed to eliminate the requirements of the long-standing switch system, which can be easily caught and accidentally activated by the user as well as being an additional weight on the forearm.

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