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SteeperUSA Mechanical (Cable Operated) systems have been designed with the basic principles of durability and ease of use firmly in mind.

From robust mechanical hands to wrist units, and either hand operated or automatic elbow units, we offer a variety of components to satisfy the requirements of almost every user. Products and systems are available to fit age ranges from as young as two, up to male and female adults.

Hands - Mechanical / Spring Operated

We are pleased to introduce our next generation of cable and spring operated prosthetic hands. Our advanced materials and manufacturing processes make these our most detailed, durable and lightweight cable and spring operated hands ever.

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Elbows - Automatic

One of the most durable elbow units currently available, the Steeper automatic elbow is available in 3 sizes, has 7 lockable positions and also incorporates a lockable humeral rotation feature. In addition, a free swing option is also provided.

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Elbows - Manual

A manually operated adult prosthetic elbow system, supplied complete with forearm in a choice of four skin shades.

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Elbows - Paediatric

Available in two paediatric sizes, the Childs Friction Elbow provide parent adjustable friction control of both flexion/extension as well as internal and external rotation. Side bars are provided to allow the attachment of a custom made forearm.

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