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The award winning Below Knee Silicone Cosmesis

Manufactured using the latest innovation in silicone polymer technology, Skinergy Plus provides an extremely high level of cosmesis for the below knee user, incorporating a unique seamless finish. Easy to fit, enhanced toughness and improved realism make Skinergy Plus our most impressive leg cover yet.

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Unique qualities include:

  • Integrated reinforcing mesh and advanced silicone material for a more durable finish
  • Now available in 19 color shades with unique True Finishâ„¢ micropigmentation for authentic realism
  • Significantly improved tear resistance
  • Each Skinergy Plus comfortably stretches to fit two foot sizes and variations in foot types
  • Easy to use, simply roll on and off, allowing access to underlying hardware for maintenance and adjustment
  • Easily cleaned using soap and water
  • Increased length by approximately 20% due to clinical feedback to provide an even smoother transition over the proximal socket brim
  • Available in both split toe and closed toe designs
  • Two calf sizes available for optimal fit for more users

To access the foot bolt for maintenance purposes if required, a punch tool is available to create an access hole. The color patch kit includes adhesive and color matched silicone patches to provide a suitable seal. Spare patches are also available.

For ordering information download the Skinergy Plus Flyer here.

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